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Air conditioning systems are one of the most crucial parts of our homes. Without a healthy functioning HVAC system, your home’s interior would never reach the temperatures that keep you comfortable during hot Arizona summers. However, the complex mechanisms and chemicals involved in an AC unit can make maintaining your air conditioning system difficult.

Enlisting professional air conditioning maintenance is the best way to keep your system functional and running optimally throughout the year. Maintenance technicians can perform essential tune-ups and adjustments that significantly improve your system’s efficiency and overall operations. Understanding the scope of these services and how they can benefit your system makes a strong case for scheduling preventative maintenance services.

Avoid breakdowns, costly replacements, and unnecessary repairs by calling professionals from 1st Choice Mechanical LLC for preventative AC maintenance today.

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AC Maintenance Service
ac maintenance

AC Maintenance Service for Your Phoenix Home

Routine preventative maintenance services are the best way to avoid unnecessary and costly breakdowns, repairs, and replacements to your air conditioning system. These systems can lose 5% of operating efficiency yearly when neglected. Getting professionals to perform preventative maintenance services for your home’s HVAC system ensures that it functions consistently year-round.

Our professionals at 1st Choice Mechanical LLC offer expert air conditioning maintenance for homes in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas. Our expert maintenance technicians provide checks and tune-ups that optimize your system’s functioning and extend its lifespan. Schedule air conditioning maintenance with our experts today.

ac maintenance benefits

Benefits of AC Maintenance

While some homeowners question whether routine air conditioning maintenance is worth it, these services have many benefits. Read about some of the main advantages of these services below.

Your air conditioning’s efficiency depends on many factors. From the cleanliness of your air filters to the refrigerant in your compressor unit, every component of a home cooling system can decrease efficiency. Even replacing air filters can make a system significantly more energy-efficient.

Regular maintenance professionals can check and tune up every part of your AC unit. When all its components work optimally, your air conditioning system can achieve maximum efficiency and performance. It can also cool your home more quickly without overworking itself or drawing more power.

One benefit of increasing your system’s efficiency is lowering utility costs. Utility bills largely correlate to the efficiency of your HVAC system. 

Since more efficient systems can more easily provide the correct amount of cool air to your home, it uses less electricity. Decreasing the power required to achieve your desired temperature is one of the easiest ways to lower your utility bill. Therefore, hiring professional air conditioning maintenance not only improves your system’s functioning but also reduces the associated costs.

While some homeowners worry about routine maintenance costs, repairs and replacements are far more expensive. Air conditioning systems have unique mechanisms that are hard to repair or replace. Major breakdowns can cost you thousands more than the maintenance that might have caught this potential issue earlier.

During air conditioning maintenance, professionals check every part of your system for potential problems. Catching developing issues can be the difference between a minor tune-up and an expensive repair or replacement. 

Investing in routine maintenance saves you money long-term by minimizing the need for repairs and replacements. It also ensures that your air conditioning system is ready whenever you need it. 

Air conditioners cool your home by recycling air. Two types of vents manage this process: supply and return vents. Supply vents are the ones you usually think of that blow cool air into your home, but return vents suck air back into the system for retempering and recycling.

Return air vents filter your air as it recycles through the system. However, these vents require maintenance services to remain clean and clear. 

With routine air conditioning maintenance, your supply and return air vents receive cleaning and tune-ups that improve your air quality. Improved air quality keeps your family healthy and prevents respiratory and asthmatic problems. Cleaner air can also help improve your system’s efficiency and lower utility costs.

The average lifespan for an AC system without significant breakdowns is usually ten to 15 years. Since higher year-round Arizona temperatures force homeowners to use air conditioning more frequently, this lifespan usually decreases to about nine to 11 years.

Routine air conditioning maintenance can extend the life of your system and help it outlast its life expectancy. The care, tune-ups, and troubleshooting during these practices allow technicians to catch problems as they develop. Addressing these issues avoids major breakdowns that could shorten the lifespan of your air conditioning.

Many air conditioning manufacturers include specific terms about routine maintenance in the system’s warranty. Ensure that you know these requirements, as neglecting maintenance could cost you if you require a replacement. Ultimately, the dollars saved by avoiding air conditioning maintenance may not be worth the cost of accidentally or intentionally nullifying your warranty.

AC Maintenance
AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance Checklist

While professionals should know the necessary steps for adequate air conditioning maintenance, having a general idea of the practices involved can be helpful. Ensure that your maintenance technician gives every part of your system a thorough check and has a comprehensive maintenance checklist to execute your service.

While maintenance checklists can vary slightly from system to system and amongst different companies, the general structure of what occurs usually remains similar. Use this air conditioning maintenance checklist to guarantee your system receives the care it deserves:

  • Execute tests on system controls like thermostats and any Bluetooth control systems to ensure they work properly
  • Check and recalibrate thermostat settings based on the season to optimize efficiency with outdoor temperatures
  • Perform tune-ups on all electrical connections, which may include tightening, rewiring, and replacing any broken wires
  • Apply lubrication to any mechanisms that move or could create friction
  • Clean and clear the drip pan, condensate line, evaporator coils, condenser unit coils, and blower motor
  • Check the refrigerant levels and charge
  • Clean the vents and replace the air filters

All these steps are necessary for comprehensive air conditioning maintenance. However, based on your system, professionals may need additional steps to ensure they take care of your unit completely.


FAQ's About Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

Many homeowners have questions about different aspects of air conditioning maintenance. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that could help address some of your concerns.

Although maintenance should be regular and routine, many homeowners wonder how often they should schedule these services. Various components in your system require different amounts of care each year. Additionally, your regional climate plays a significant role in determining the frequency of maintenance.

For Arizona homes, cooling systems are more crucial to indoor climate control. While these systems usually only need service once a year, your air conditioner might require biannual maintenance services. 

Although homes use cooling systems more in this area, heat pumps still operate throughout the year to balance temperature levels in your home. Heat pumps require service at least twice a year. Ensure that you know your system’s needs so you can schedule the appropriate amount of maintenance.

Without annual service and tune-ups, air conditioning systems can lose up to 5% of efficiency yearly. You can avoid this and other detriments to your air conditioning system by scheduling appropriate levels of air conditioning maintenance. 

These checks and tune-ups provide so many benefits to your system that they make it worth the service cost. Contact an HVAC technician to check whether your air conditioner requires more service than an annual checkup.

While homeowners usually worry about air conditioning maintenance costs, these expenses are likely far less than repairs and replacements caused by neglect. The exact cost of care depends on your system’s needs. Nevertheless, it pays to get routine maintenance to catch and address problems before they evolve into expensive repairs and replacements.

One of the most critical functions of air conditioning maintenance is to clean your system. Professional maintenance technicians have the tools and expertise to clean evaporator, condenser, and compressor coils along with other internal mechanisms in your system. 

Although professionals are the most qualified to perform in-depth cleaning maintenance, homeowners can complete minor tasks throughout the year to improve their system’s functioning, efficiency, and air quality.

Here are some things you can do to keep your system running optimally season after season:

  • Clean any dust or debris off of your outdoor condenser unit. Depending on where you place your outdoor unit, branches, leaves, and other outdoor debris could obstruct the unit’s ability to draw in outdoor air. Especially if there is a storm coming, cleaning any debris blowing against the unit or that might block it during extreme weather.
  • Maintain a two-foot radius around your condenser unit. Ensure that any new or existing landscaping starts at least two feet away from any side of your condenser unit. This barrier prohibits natural debris from obstructing your system.
  • Clean all indoor vents, change filters, and remove potential obstructions. Keeping the vents clean and clear from indoor obstructions like furniture helps them function more efficiently.

These simple steps improve functioning while making in-depth maintenance easier for professionals.

Cleaning your system with the steps above and scheduling routine preventative maintenance are the best ways to optimize your AC system’s efficiency. Call our professionals at 1st Choice Mechanical LLC to improve your AC efficiency today.

If you notice that your AC unit requires higher refrigerant levels every year, alert maintenance and repair professionals immediately. Increasing refrigerant demand from your system indicates that there could be a leak in your evaporator coils. 

Leaking refrigerant requires immediate repairs as it could damage or even freeze parts of your system. In addition, refrigerant is a volatile chemical that is bad for the environment. Maintenance technicians can spot these leaks during air conditioning maintenance and resolve the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

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