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Common AC Problems in Summer

Your air conditioner has to stay working throughout the summer if you want to stay comfortably cool. But the reality is that your air conditioner could go out at any moment. Knowing some common ways that air conditioners go out makes it so you can be ready in the event yours does.

Refrigerant Leak

In order for your air conditioner to be able to cool the house, it needs evaporator coils that have refrigerant in them. Even a small refrigerant leak can reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner, and refrigerant that isn’t cleaned up can pose safety risks.

Water Leaks Indoors

If you notice water leaks from the indoors, you probably have something stuck in the drain hose. This is the line that takes all of the water that the air conditioner removes from the air in your home and drains it into a basement drain or out along the side of the house. Because there’s constantly water running through the line, it’s easy for mold to grow inside the tube. If this happens, a clog occurs. You can get rid of the clog by finding where the line empties and attaching a wet vacuum to the hose.

Dirty Air Filter

One of the most common problems that occurs is a dirty air filter. You should be cleaning or replacing your filter every three to four months, but many of us fail to do that. If you have a dirty filter, you might notice that the air is a little stuffy even though you recently ran the air conditioner. Thankfully, changing the filter is fairly simple. All you have to do is find the air handler in the indoor unit to start the process of removing the old filter and replacing it with a new one. Otherwise, you might have a filter that needs to be washed rather than replaced.

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