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AC Compressor Replacement

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The AC compressor is an indispensable component of your air conditioning system. It compresses the refrigerant in the outdoor unit, heating it so that it releases heat into the outside air and cools your home. If you have any problems with your compressor in or around Phoenix, AZ, our 1st Choice Mechanical LLC team is ready to help you with professional AC compressor replacement.

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Signs You Need a Replacement AC Compressor

If the AC compressor fails in your air conditioning or HVAC system, the refrigerant won’t be able to transport heat from your home to the outside. Warm refrigerant will then circle back to your house, and the air conditioner vents will release warm air. You may need a new AC compressor if you notice any of the following signs:

As your air conditioner loses effectiveness, it will compensate by running longer. You might notice that your air conditioner is running longer than usual. 

If your air conditioner runs continuously due to a faulty AC compressor, your energy bill will increase. Compare your energy use this year with the same month last year and monitor your energy usage from month to month.

If the AC compressor fails completely, your air conditioner compressor might not turn on. If you do not hear the distinctive sounds of the compressor and the fan when you turn down the temperature on your thermostat, call a trusted AC repair technician to investigate the problem and perform an AC compressor replacement if necessary.

If your refrigerant levels are low, it can damage your compressor and cause it to stop working. If you notice refrigerant leaking from your compressor coils or other signs of a refrigerant leak, such as loss of cooling, frozen evaporator coils, and increased energy costs, let your AC repair professional know. 

If you notice any of these signs of a bad AC compressor, schedule an inspection with 1st Choice Mechanical LLC to discover why your compressor isn’t working and prevent the problem from worsening.

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AC Compressor UNIT Replacement Service

When you call 1st Choice Mechanical LLC for AC compressor servicing, we will send an experienced technician to your home with the necessary tools and replacement parts. You can trust our technicians to assess the condition of your AC system, complete the replacement in just a few hours, and test the system’s performance thoroughly before completing the repair.

If other maintenance issues shorten the life of your AC compressor, we can address those problems, too, so that they do not affect the performance of your new compressor.

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AC Compressor Replacement
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Cost to Replace Your AC Compressor

The cost to replace your AC compressor varies depending on labor costs and the model of your AC system. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 for AC compressor replacement. At 1st Choice Mechanical LLC, we strive to keep costs low by sourcing quality replacement parts and streamlining the installation processes to reduce labor costs.

If you are worried about being able to afford AC compressor repair, don’t suffer through the summer heat. Call our team at 1st Choice Mechanical LLC to discuss financing options and discounts.

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AC Compressor Replacement Near Me - Expert Solutions for Your Cooling Needs

When your air conditioning system struggles to keep your home cool, it might be time for an AC compressor replacement. The compressor is the heart of your AC unit, responsible for circulating refrigerant and expelling heat from your home. At 1st Choice Mechanical LLC, we offer professional AC compressor replacement services to ensure your system functions optimally. Our experienced technicians will diagnose the issue, recommend the best replacement options, and install the new compressor with precision, restoring your home’s comfort quickly and efficiently.