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AC Installation In Phoenix, AZ

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An air conditioning system is essential to your home. Especially during hot Arizona summers, these systems maintain our comfort indoors while the sun rages outside.

When your air conditioner fails, it’s crucial to have air conditioning installation services available to restore your indoor climate control. Although it’s frustrating and sometimes costly to replace an HVAC system, new technologies offer improved systems that can significantly benefit your home. Air conditioning installation is an opportunity to refine your home systems.

We know all too well the blazing heat that can make the summer days feel unbearable. That’s why having a reliable and efficient air conditioner is essential for your home. At 1st Choice Mechanical, we understand the importance of staying cool and comfortable during those scorching months, and our team of HVAC experts is here to make that a reality for you. With exceptional AC installation services in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas, we guarantee to provide you with the perfect cooling solution tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need a new air conditioner for your residential property or commercial space, we are here to help. Trust 1st Choice Mechanical to keep you cool when it matters most.

Call 1st Choice Mechanical LLC for air conditioning installation services in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas. We consistently receive the highest ratings in Phoenix with options for various AC systems and expert installation technicians. Call (623) 323-1021 to schedule a service consultation today.

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Air Conditioning Installation
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A professional AC Installation Service

Air conditioners involve complex mechanisms and components. Furthermore, with so many options on the market for different systems, it can take time to decide what is best for your home. That’s why our professional technicians provide comprehensive air conditioning installation services to help you research, select, install, and maintain the ideal system for your home.

Our services begin with an inspection of your home, where we evaluate what types of systems could be viable in your space. Afterward, we’ll recommend the best fit for your house and discuss the installation procedure. Finally, our professional technicians will install your system, inspect it for optimal functioning, and maintain it throughout its lifespan.

1st Choice Mechanical assists at every step in the process. Our professional technicians are passionate about finding the best fit for your home.

Important Considerations Before Installing A New Air Conditioner

Before investing in a new air conditioner, there are several key considerations you should keep in mind. These factors will help you select a system that perfectly fits your home and provides optimal cooling performance. These include: 


  • Cooling Capacity: Determining the appropriate cooling capacity is essential to ensure that your air conditioner effectively cools your space without wasting energy. Take into account the square footage, insulation, and ductwork to determine the ideal system size and configuration.
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy-efficient air conditioners not only help subdue your carbon footprint but also your energy usage. Look for reliable brands with high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings for optimal efficiency.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Consider features like advanced filtration systems and humidity control options that improve the indoor air quality of your home, providing you with clean and healthy air.
  • Noise Levels: Choose an air conditioner that operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment without disruptive noise.
  • Maintenance and Warranty: Understand the maintenance requirements of the unit and inquire about the warranty to protect your investment and ensure long-term performance.


Get in touch with us today to discuss your specific needs and let our experts guide you toward the perfect air conditioning solution for your home.

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Signs You Need Air Conditioning Replacement

Most homes already have an air conditioning system. However, at some point, you might notice that your air conditioning unit is functioning less effectively. But when is it time to replace your system?

Understanding the signs that you might need a replacement helps you avoid long-term breakdowns. Call installation professionals to assess your system if you notice the following symptoms.

Air conditioning systems usually last about 10 to 15 years. However, a system’s lifespan depends on various factors, including the outdoor climate, amount of use, and type of air conditioner. 

In Arizona, oppressive summer heat forces families to double down on air conditioning usage. While this does help to alleviate uncomfortable heat, it can also quickly deplete your system. As a result, it’s common for systems to falter after only nine to 11 years of use. 

If your system is beyond ten years old and experiencing frequent breakdowns, your home likely needs a new air conditioner.

It’s okay if your air conditioning system requires occasional repairs—this is natural. However, the costs of repairs should reflect the severity of your system’s problems. When repair costs are consistently rising, this might signal an air conditioner past the point of no return.

Another important benchmark is the frequency of repairs. Occasional breakdowns and minor tune-ups are standard for any healthy system, especially in a hotter state like Arizona. If you’re suddenly hiring repair technicians more than a few times a year, this indicates a more severe problem.

The combination of more costly and frequent repairs should quickly motivate any homeowner to call installation professionals and discuss new system options.

One of the other more significant signs of a system that needs replacing is decreasing efficiency. The efficiency of your air conditioning system depends on all its components running effectively. 

It’s natural for efficiency to fluctuate as your system runs throughout the year. But when your air conditioning efficiency decreases without improvement, this is a telltale sign that it’s time for a new system. 

While occasional maintenance can improve your air conditioner’s efficiency short term, minor tune-ups and cleaning can only alleviate a broken system. You can measure efficiency over time with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). Call professionals to evaluate your systems’ SEER rating today.

When your air conditioner’s efficiency decreases, your monthly utility expenses will increase. Since efficiency and power usage directly correlate, your slowing system will start to cost you as it dies. Pay attention to your energy bills and call professionals if you notice steady increases.

After turning on your air conditioner, it’s natural for warm air to blow as it powers up. Warm air should only continue to blow from your vents for a few minutes, though.

While there are a few issues warm air could indicate, it might signal that you need to replace your system. Consider this and other factors to determine whether it’s time for replacement or repair.

You program your air conditioner to perform consistent cooling and warming cycles. If you notice a difference in cycle lengths or your system turns off shortly after powering on, this could suggest that you need a replacement. 

Obstructed or limited airflow could indicate a few different problems with your system. Consider this symptom along with the age and other functioning of your air conditioning unit to evaluate your need for replacement.

If you notice that your home feels more humid, this probably indicates a need to replace your system. Increased humidity levels result from many of the issues listed here and is a sign your system is at the end of its lifespan.

Your air conditioning should never emit strange odors or make noises during operation. Call professionals if you notice clanking, hissing, or whistling while turning on or operating your system. Along with other signs, odors and noises show significant disrepair in your air conditioner.

AC Installation

1st Choice Mechanical For A Comprehensive AC Installation Process

At 1st Choice Mechanical, we take pride in offering a comprehensive AC installation process that covers every aspect of your air conditioning needs in Phoenix, AZ, and all nearby areas. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can recommend the most suitable air conditioner that meets your unique requirements.

Once you’ve made your selection, our team will handle the installation with utmost care and precision. We work efficiently, minimizing disruptions to your daily routine. Our HVAC technicians are trained to install a wide range of AC systems, ensuring that the job is done right the first time. We also offer post-installation support, including system testing and calibration, to guarantee optimal performance and efficiency. With 1st Choice Mechanical, you can have peace of mind knowing that your AC installation is in expert hands.

Air Conditioning Installation
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Choose the Best System With Our Air Conditioning Installation Company

With so many new air conditioning systems, it can take time to figure out the right fit for your home. That’s why our air conditioning installation company offers system consultation to help you find the system that best fits your home.

With our years of experience helping clients select and install new HVAC units, we provide an informed perspective on the correct type of system for your home. Call 1st Choice Mechanical LLC for help evaluating your new air conditioner options.

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Air Conditioning Installation Options

Since our professionals will help you evaluate different air conditioners, exploring system options is exciting. Below are the primary air conditioning systems professionals from 1st Choice Mechanical LLC recommend for most homes.

One of the most popular high-end air conditioners, central air conditioning is the ultimate HVAC unit for any home or office space. The ducts in this system run through the roof of your property to provide high-level climate control capabilities. Furthermore, homeowners can control many newer central air conditioning systems through smartphone apps.

While these systems provide maximal power and control, they are also the most expensive and complex to install. Since professionals have to thread ductwork through your entire roof, it’s usually easiest to install central air while building a property.

As the name implies, ductless split system air conditioners, or mini splits, don’t distribute air centrally through ducts like a central air conditioner. Instead, professionals mount these systems directly on walls or seamlessly into ceilings. Because there is no need to thread ductwork through the roof, these systems are great for new spaces or previously uncooled rooms like garages.

One drawback of ductless split system air conditioners is that they typically service one space. Consider other options if you want a system that can cool multiple rooms.

Swamp coolers provide a different method of climate control that is great for homes in warmer climates. While most air conditioners cool homes by adding refrigerant to warm air, swamp coolers achieve climate control through evaporative cooling. This system pulls warm air into a condenser unit from outside and utilizes evaporative cooling pads to temper the air.

Although a swamp cooler might seem the best fit for your Arizona home, these systems require more maintenance than other air conditioners. Because of the complex mechanisms involved in cooling air through evaporation, expect to spend more on routine preventative maintenance.

Window units are the ideal air conditioning system for properties that need to maximize space and flexibility. Since professionals mount these units into your home’s windows, they can adjust their placement whenever necessary. Additionally, these flexible units are great for properties that want to provide cooling capabilities to only one room.

While window units provide a great deal of flexibility, they may only be suitable for some homes. For larger properties or more upscale locations, the look and function of these units might be impractical.

Like mini splits, wall units also provide cooling capabilities without requiring ductwork through the roof of your property. The main difference between these systems and ductless split systems is that there is no thermostat for wall units. Instead, homeowners can access temperature controls directly on the unit.

Like window unit air conditioners, wall units are only suitable for some spaces. Evaluate the level of climate control you want and consider the manual functioning of these systems. Although their price and flexibility might seem a good fit, they could be too basic for your property.

AC Installation Service

FAQ's Regarding AC Installation

Now that you’re ready to install a new air conditioner, you probably have other questions about the process. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that can help you learn about the air conditioning installation process.

The short answer to this question is no. Even with window and wall units, air conditioners involve complex mechanisms and chemicals that can be dangerous for inexperienced laypeople. Even worse, improper installation could cause injury or damage to your home.

When you’re ready for air conditioning installation, call the professionals from 1st Choice Mechanical LLC. Our installation technicians have years of experience that qualify them for these jobs. With the right tools and know-how, we can optimize your home’s climate control in a cinch.

There is no standard cost for installing a new air conditioner. Because of differences in labor and equipment needs for each system, your installation expense will depend significantly on the type of air conditioner you install. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from $8,000-$12,000 on a new system.

While some companies will add hidden fees after the fact that make air conditioning installation much more costly, 1st Choice Mechanical LLC will be honest about your total installation costs from the start. Our estimates include labor, materials, system expense, final calibrations, and taxes. With our professionals, you’ll always see the whole picture.

There are a few different reasons why you might choose replacement over repair. Ultimately, this choice comes down to the frequency and types of issues that you’re having with your air conditioning system.

Although new system installation costs can be daunting, you’ll usually save money long-term by avoiding the increasingly expensive repairs that old air conditioners require. While repairs might seem your best option, professionals can only amend broken systems to an extent. 

The lifespan of your HVAC unit depends on how frequently it operates, your area’s climate, and other outlying conditions. While most systems can run efficiently for up to 15 years, your air conditioner might break down sooner. The best way to increase your air conditioner’s lifespan and improve its long-term functioning is by hiring routine preventative maintenance with 1st Choice Mechanical LLC.

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Hire the Best Ac Installation Near Me with 1st Choice Mechanical LLC

Don’t let the Arizona heat get the best of you. Contact 1st Choice Mechanical in Phoenix, AZ, today, and ensure reliable and hassle-free AC installation. Our certified and experienced team is ready to assist you in selecting the right air conditioner for your space and ensuring a flawless installation process. Post installation, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be available to answer any questions and provide expert guidance. We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else and strive to exceed your expectations with our quality service and attention to detail. Trust us to transform your home into a cool oasis of comfort.

Why wait to revamp your indoor climate control and family’s comfort? If you’re ready for a new AC system, it’s time to call 1st Choice Mechanical LLC. For more information about air conditioning installation from the top company in Phoenix, AZ, call (623) 323-1021 and schedule a service consultation today!

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