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The Workings of a Heat Exchanger

For most homeowners, knowledge of what, where, and how a heat exchanger works is not necessarily in their list of priorities, at least until there’s a problem with their heat exchanger. While the heat exchanger is one of the more integral parts of the furnace, it’s worth noting that most furnace problems usually stem from failures in the heat exchanger.

How Does a Heat Exchanger Work in HVAC?

The heat exchanger is the part of your furnace that, among other things, is responsible for preventing carbon monoxide poisoning. On the furnace, the heat exchanger works by transferring the heat that’s created by the combustion chamber and distributing this through the ductwork to the rest of the house.

When the furnace is heated up, the hot combustion gasses make their way to the heat exchanger, heating its metal walls. The ducts draw in the cold air from the house, passing it through the hot walls of the heat exchanger. Once the air is warmed up, the expulsion duct pulls out the air and distributes it to the different rooms of the house.

Inside the walls of the heat exchanger, the gases that were released as a result of combustion are passed through the vents to a chimney outside the house. To maximize efficiency, some furnaces make use of a secondary heat exchanger that uses the heat from the combustion gases to create additional heat.

Some Common Heat Exchanger Problems

While heat exchangers are designed to work with maximum efficiency, over time this can deteriorate and end up making the furnace have unintended performance issues. With scheduled regular maintenance checks from [company_name], here are some of the common heat exchanger problems that you can easily flag and prevent:

  • Age-related cracks on the metal casing
  • Internal and external corrosion and rust
  • Buildup of soot and carbon monoxide
  • Rattling sounds when the furnace is powered on

For detection and correction of problems in your heat exchanger and other HVAC components, contact [company_name]. At [company_name] in Peoria, AZ, we have a wealth of experience in professional service delivery. We have well-trained personnel who are kept up to date with the industry regulations and standards and are exposed to a variety of hardware conditions. Call [company_name] to schedule your next service appointment or to request an estimate.