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Mistakes That Can Void Your HVAC Warranty

When you get a new HVAC system, it comes with a warranty that covers parts. As having a warranty is valuable, you need to avoid mistakes that can void it. The length and terms of warranties vary, so carefully look it over to understand what is and isn’t covered.

Failure to Register Your HVAC System

You need to fill out the warranty for it to be valid. Don’t set it aside, as you then may forget to promptly fill it out. The technician that installed your HVAC system will provide you with the information you need. Most manufacturers only give you 60 to 90 days to register your system.

Not Getting Annual Maintenance

Most manufacturers include an annual maintenance requirement in their HVAC warranty. This means the warranty is voided if you don’t have a professional perform a tune-up on it every year. Getting a tune-up gives a technician the chance to catch small issues before they turn into large problems.

You need to keep records of the tune-ups performed on your HVAC system. Should a problem arise that’s covered under the warranty, the manufacturer needs to see proof that it’s been professionally maintained every year.

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Using Non-Manufacturer Parts

While it may be tempting to use less expensive replacement parts from another company, don’t do it. The parts may work fine, but the manufacturer of your HVAC system has no way of knowing if these parts caused your problem. Stick to only buying the parts produced by the manufacturer of your HVAC system.

Improper Installation

Your HVAC system needs to be properly installed for the warranty to be in effect. Only hire an excellent HVAC company that’s experienced with the system being installed.

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