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How Often to Do Air Duct Cleaning: What You Need to Know

Right around summer, HVAC units like air conditioners and heat pumps become the most active to fend off hot weather. If they have spent some time inactive, this often leads to a dusty, smoky smell from settled dust and grime. The smell indicates a negative effect on your indoor air quality and potentially hazardous contaminants.

Many homeowners in Arizona wonder how often to do air duct cleaning to prevent this smell. Peoria’s air duct cleaning experts at 1st Choice Mechanical know the best times of year to do duct cleaning. Here, we detail the advice from our professional technicians about when you should care for your air ducts.

An Important Note About Duct Cleaning

Based on information from the EPA, your air ducts generally do not require frequent cleaning. Current studies are not conclusive about how well constant air duct cleaning affects the air inside buildings. Often, the air filters can hinder contaminant exposure on their own.

However, there are times when duct maintenance can prove beneficial. When wondering how often to do air duct cleaning, keep these specific events in mind. If any of these apply to you, call a specialist like 1st Choice Mechanical for thorough and effective duct services.

#1. Excessive Amounts of Dust

Dust, hair, and dirt pass through the HVAC system and often get stuck on the sides of the ducts. Small amounts of clinging debris are natural and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. However, larger amounts that build up over time can affect the air quality in your living spaces.

As such, you should have a licensed technician inspect the ducts even if you do not clean them. The technician can ensure there are low levels of debris or alert you if they notice large amounts of potentially harmful pollutants. Regular checks can help ensure you don’t need a cleaning in the near future.

#2. Musty Smells or Visible Mold

One of the best indications you need duct cleaning is seeing harmful pollutants yourself. Your air ducts should not have dark, unnatural spots in them since these may indicate the presence of mold. You may also smell it in the air, indicating potentially hazardous bacteria is clinging to something in the ducts. 

Most people describe mold as having a musty or stale smell from the release of mold spores. You, your family, or visitors may also start having breathing problems, from an itchy throat to coughing. Mold can be exceptionally harmful to people and animals alike, so you should call a service provider immediately.

We do not recommend trying to clean it yourself since common soap and disinfectants don’t work on mold. It could also damage your HVAC system. Instead, our team can provide all the tools and experience needed to ensure your air ducts become clean again.

#3. Pest Infestations in the Air Ducts

Air ducts are often dark places concealed from common activity. As such, pests like insects, rodents, and other creatures like to make themselves at home there. Their presence in the system can cause strange odors or decrease the effectiveness of your HVAC unit.

Call a professional to deal with pests so you don’t have to worry about potential injuries or accidents. We can also evaluate if there are any other colonies near the duct system to treat the issue at its source.

#4. Property or Residence Changes

You should have a professional clean your ducts when moving into a new location. Previous building owners could have owned pets, been smokers, or failed to clean their ductwork. In newly built properties, construction materials like sawdust and drywall debris can accumulate, causing respiratory distress.

Professional duct cleaning ensures you and your family have a fresh start in a new location. You should also call for cleaning after major construction in your property for similar reasons. This process helps keep your airways clean and clear for the future.

Call 1st Choice Mechanical for Duct Cleanings

Now that you know how often to do air duct cleaning, rely on professionals to take care of the job. Household dust, mold and mildew, and other potential pollutants stand no chance against the cleaning methods employed by 1st Choice Mechanical. Our team matches our top-quality services with customer care and affordable prices. Partner with us and be confident the work’s done right.

Do you have any concerns about duct cleaning or ventilation care? Call (623) 887-1078 to improve your indoor air quality in Peoria, AZ, today!