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4 Reasons Why DIY AC Installation Is a Big Mistake

In a hot state like Arizona, air conditioners are an absolute must. However, high prices can cause any home or business owner to consider DIY AC installation. We have a very prominent warning for anyone thinking about it: do not try installing HVAC units with DIY methods.

We don’t just say this as one of the top companies for air conditioner installation in Phoenix. 1st Choice Mechanical technicians have special tools and proper training to ensure your AC works correctly. Here’s why trying DIY installations, in this case, can cause huge problems.

#1. It May Be Illegal

DIY attempts are illegal without an HVAC license from your state authority. You also need to know local regulations for air conditioners, such as how much the SEER rating should be.

Without these details, removing and installing air conditioners could be a Class 1 Misdemeanor, with sentences of up to six months in jail. This charge could also include a fine of up to $2,500. Instead of spending the time and money fighting the law, you may be better off hiring a professional.

We have the licensing and insurance required for legal HVAC work in Arizona. Our team follows all local regulations so your property stays up to code and your system functions efficiently.

#2. Potentially Hard Labor

Working with air conditioners requires a lot of physical work that many home and business owners lack preparation for. Some of the duties we have when replacing an old central AC involve construction work and other tools, such as:

  • Mixing concrete
  • Evaluating the property size
  • Lifting and carrying old metal
  • Safely detaching old equipment
  • Replacing the old units with new equipment
  • Working with electrical components and ductwork
  • Finding and fixing potential faulty spots in the current system

These efforts can take several hours and a lot of patience. DIY attempts mean you have to face all these duties without help if something gets messed up. Instead, you can let us do the heavy work while you relax or take care of other pertinent business.

#3. Not Cost-Effective in the Long Run

Many people may consider a DIY AC installation because of the cost of air conditioning units. The assumption tends to be that they will save money by cutting labor and installation costs.

However, self-engineered installations often cost more time, energy, and money than hiring a professional. For example, DIY attempts often cancel out the unit’s warranty, meaning you must pay completely out of pocket for future unit issues. Also, you may install an ill-fitted system for your property, leading to warm spots, short cycling, high humidity, and more. These issues may prompt you to use your system futilely, increasing energy costs.

We have the knowledge and education to ensure we do the job properly. On the off-chance a professional makes a mistake, their insurance can help cover repair expenses. A DIY attempt rejects any potential cost-saving benefits.

If you want to have a part in your installation to save money, we suggest working with a professional and expressing your interest. For example, you can follow government suggestions for purchasing an energy-efficient air conditioning system and requesting an ENERGY STAR unit.

#4. Health Hazards

Frankly, even some of the smallest or least expensive components of an HVAC system can be deadly in the wrong conditions. Refrigerant, for example, runs through an air conditioner to redistribute heat from inside to outside the property. This useful chemical can prove potentially fatal with improper handling and inhalation due to its composition and pressurized state.

Additionally, HVAC systems require power cables and other electrical components to work properly. An incorrect connection or spark could be the difference between a regular day and dangerous injuries. Improperly handling any electrical devices can cause issues, especially with something requiring as much energy as an AC.

Our technicians have the licensing and training to handle all HVAC components, keeping you and ourselves out of danger. In the rare event of an on-the-job injury, you don’t have to worry about personal involvement.

Don’t Go DIY, Call 1st Choice

1st Choice Mechanical has your best interests at heart with every job, from installations to AC repair in Phoenix. We offer various financing opportunities on top of the potential advice to make your purchase cost-effective. Don’t risk doing a DIY AC installation when you have our expert team available to help.

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