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4 Top Air Duct Cleaning Myths

Your air ducts are incredibly important parts of your HVAC system. They’re responsible for transporting air throughout your home, keeping your property at comfortable temperatures.

They’re also hotspots for dust and mold accumulation. Keeping them clean is important, but the internet is filled with misinformation. Air duct cleaning myths are everywhere, and if you aren’t an HVAC professional, it’s difficult to know what to believe.

That’s where reaching out to a professional from 1st Choice Mechanical can help. 1st Choice Mechanical has been Peoria’s trusted air duct cleaning company for over 20 years. Our experienced and licensed professionals can handle any of your HVAC maintenance needs with ease. We’re here to help debunk common air duct cleaning myths so that you can enjoy healthier, cleaner air.

Get in touch with us at (623) 887-8613 to schedule a professional air duct cleaning today! 

1. Ducts Don’t Need Cleaning

Home maintenance can be exhausting, and air ducts are probably low on your list of priorities. Your ducts definitely do need to be cleaned, despite the myth that says otherwise. Even if your home is relatively new or you have not had issues with air quality, a wide variety of pollutants can settle into your ducts over the years.

Many people believe that only the ducts connected to a running AC unit will be dirty, which is simply not the case. Regardless of where the air inside them is going, it is impossible to prevent dust and debris from entering your ducts. 

2. Duct Cleaning Doesn’t Prevent Mold

Another common air duct cleaning myth is that duct cleaning cannot prevent mold. This is absolutely untrue!

Professional cleaners can stop mold at its source by sanitizing the moldy areas to get rid of this contaminant entirely. Though it can be difficult to prevent mold growth in air ducts, an expert can identify all of the problem areas and clean them thoroughly, improving your indoor air quality. 

3. You Should Clean Air Ducts Every Few Months 

You should probably clean your air ducts every few years, but there is no reason to do it multiple times a year. If someone in your household has respiratory issues, or if your home collects a lot of pet dander and fur, you may need air duct cleaning more frequently than other households. Even so, your ducts should not require professional cleaning more than every three to five years. 

If you have never cleaned your air ducts, they may contain dust, hair, or fur that is preventing airflow to your home. Not only will cleaning improve the quality of your air, but it may also help you to minimize energy losses, making your home run more efficiently and saving you money on electricity. You need regular cleanings for high-quality air in your home, but it doesn’t need to happen as often as some companies might claim.

4. It Is Easy to Clean Air Ducts by Yourself

HVAC work can sometimes be expensive, and air duct cleaning is no exception. Plenty of people will do what they can to avoid unnecessary expenses, and sometimes that means trying to tackle tasks they otherwise shouldn’t.

No matter how well you think you understand air ducts, trying to clean them on your own isn’t the best idea. Air ducts are delicate, especially if they’re older or made of thin materials; if you’re not careful, you could damage them, resulting in more expensive repairs down the line.

Getting duct cleaning services from a professional averts this problem. Professional cleaners have worked on countless systems before and can easily determine how best to help yours. Plus, they likely have access to better tools and cleaning products, helping you get better results.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

For the cleanest air and most efficient HVAC system, you need the help of 1st Choice Mechanical. From air duct maintenance to AC coil cleaning, our professional team can handle all of the specific needs of your home’s heating and cooling systems. 

Prevent unsafe air from entering your home by scheduling regular maintenance today; our experts can help you debunk all of the air duct cleaning myths you may have come across in your research. If you cannot remember ever scheduling an appointment with an air duct cleaning company, chances are high that your ducts are due for a cleaning!Contact 1st Choice Mechanical today at (623) 887-8613 to get started! We’d be happy to discuss our services, answer any questions, and otherwise do what we can to provide you with professional results.