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How Is an AC Unit Installed?

If you plan to have a new air conditioning system installed, you may be curious about the process and what will happen. There are many different steps that will need to be taken to install your new AC unit. You will be amazed at what goes into doing it and how quickly it is done by professionals who are well-experienced in AC removal and installation.

Meeting Permitting Requirements

The first step in getting a new AC unit installed is getting the necessary permits. In most cases, your contractor will be responsible for getting these permits and handling inspections.

Removal of Old Unit

Once permits are received and the work has been approved, the HVAC company you hired will come out and start the installation process. The first thing they will do is take apart the old air conditioner and remove it from your property. They will remove both the indoor and outdoor units.

Unit Installation

The outdoor unit will now be set in place and positioned in the correct manner. It will be secured to the site. The indoor unit will also be installed at this time. In some cases, just your outdoor unit may be replaced if your air handler is in good shape or if you opted to go for a packaged unit.

Making Connections

The indoor and outdoor units will now be connected. The contractor will install refrigerant lines, electrical lines, and drain piping to help ensure that your equipment works correctly. After this is done, your contractor will connect the thermostat to the cooling system. You may get a new thermostat if you choose or use your old one.

Starting Up the New AC Unit

Your HVAC technician will use a vacuum to remove contaminants from the refrigerant line and charge your new air conditioner. They will verify operation and ensure that your new unit is working as it should.

If your AC unit is not acting as it should and you feel it is time for a full replacement, call [company_name] today. We proudly serve Peoria and the surrounding areas. We offer appliance repair, HVAC repair and installation, duct cleaning, and indoor air quality improvements.