Top-Rated HVAC Maintenance in Peoria

    With over 20 years of experience in HVAC maintenance, contact 1st Choice Mechanical LLC in Peoria, AZ for your next tune-up. We offer top-notch AC tune-up services so that your AC is prepared for the hot, triple-digit temperatures during the summer months. Our team is small and personalized, and we are able to customize your needs. Check out our website to see the five-star ratings we have received over the years. Our team has accumulated a wealth of information over the years. You can see how we share this information with customers on our blog. If you have pressing air conditioner maintenance questions, we can answer them.

    Our technicians are polite and professional. When you make an appointment, they will arrive on time and with all the tools they need. Once they’re done, they will clean up after themselves. They can also give you maintenance tips for your air conditioner.

    Reasons customers choose us:
    • Expert technicians
    • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
    • Family-owned and -operated company
    • Warm, courteous care

    Quality AC Tune-Up in Peoria

    Maintaining your air conditioner is like maintaining your car. The better you care for it, the longer it will run. When our technicians maintain your air conditioner, they perform a thorough inspection to make sure everything works. We offer two maintenance visits a year in Peoria. These visits ensure your AC is always in good working condition. If there are worn-out parts, our technicians will replace them. They will also ensure that your air conditioner has no gas leaks. Moving parts will be lubricated, and parts such as the coils and fins will be cleaned. In addition, they can calibrate your thermostat to make sure it’s giving you a correct temperature reading.

    Additional HVAC maintenance steps:
    • Check the refrigerant level
    • Clean the condensate drains
    • Inspect electrical wiring and connections
    • Replace air filters
    • Perform a general system test

    Schedule HVAC Maintenance Service Today

    When you schedule an AC tune-up with us in Peoria, you’ll get our Comfort Club maintenance plan. This gives you benefits such as one condenser coil cleaning, one pound of refrigerant, one free minor electrical component as well as points towards a new air conditioning system. You will also get priority scheduling and no overtime or late-night fees. Our two tune-up visits per year will extend the life of your unit and reduce your utility bills. Moreover, you’ll have fewer repair issues.

    The next time you need AC maintenance in Peoria, give 1st Choice Mechanical LLC a call. We also provide AC installations and AC repair services. We offer heating maintenance services as well!